Is this what fishing is like for men?

I’m a huge fan of local and low-cost activities.  Even more than that, I’m a huge fan of crafting.  So, when both come together in the form of a Michaels’ Make-It-Take-It event, I’m there!  Michaels hosts different events for those with interests in exploring particular crafts, as well as for children and families – they are great fun and low-cost (often less than $5, if not free).

Today’s line-up focused on beading.  Using a variety of pre-packaged beading materials from various vendors, a room full of women and children sat down to explore a new hobby, try new techniques, and walk out with a small handful of wearable souvenirs.

We were busy talking our way through the instruction sheets — swapping techniques for bending our wire, keeping the beads on the string, or just making sense of the next step.  Although unknown to one another, the shared experience of working toward the same goal, sharing tools, and enjoying a Saturday afternoon was enough to transform us from a group of strangers to women smiling, chatting, and crafting together.  When our projects required greater concentration something almost unheard of happened — a room full of chatty women became utterly silent.  I wondered to myself – is this what fishing is like for men?  The natural ease of being in the company of your gender, experiencing the bond of shared interest, finding a moment of peace in the world, and no matter the outcome — havin’ a good time.

At the end of our crafty afternoon, we walked out, women of different ages, backgrounds, and interests — with our matching jewelry.

Crafty Afternoon Souvenirs

Souvenirs from a Michaels-sponsored Crafty Afternoon

Pendant Necklace

Black Onyx Pendant Necklace made from Halcraft supplies

Pearls and Pumps Necklace

Pearls and Pumps Necklace from Plaid

Orient Express Bracelet

Orient Express Bracelet from Blue Moon Beads

Beach Ring

Hampton Island's Beach Ring

Embellished Thank You Card

Embellished Thank You Card from Crystazzi and Gartner


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