Do you have a bug in your yard?

In the Michaels Make-It-Take-It (MITI)  spirit I joined a gathering of families and eager children to make my clay pot ladybug.  The place: Michaels.  The price: less than $1 for each piece (or less than $2 for one complete ladybug creation).  The value: priceless.  Cheered on by the low-cost craftiness and enamored by the absolute cuteness of the ladybugs, I decided to make an extra for my neighbor.

Clay-pot Ladybug Creation

Ladybug Close-up

Although I had adrenaline pulsing through my veins after realizing I’d mistaken the time and just barely slipped in with enough time to complete my project, the act of picking up the foam brush, dipping it in the black wrought iron and geranium paints, and decorating my clay pieces immediately took me to a crafty place of Zen.  When I asked if it was bonus to get paint all over my hands, a fellow three-year old participant immediately piped up, “That’s the best part.  You’re supposed to do that.”  He definitely had the right idea.  Relieved with his reply, I continued on with bolstered enthusiasm.

Forty-something glorious minutes later, my pieces were painted, polka-dots were applied, antennae were curled, and foam wings were cut — it was time for assembly.  I walked my ladybug parts to the glue gun and with the help of our fearless Michaels’ leader, constructed my cute little bug.

In a cloud of peace and utter contentment, I clutched my polka-dotted flyers, and made my way home, catching a few admiring glances from folks on the way.



Ladybug Gift

A cheery "Just Because" Ladybug Gift

Ladybugs outside by the Aloe plants

Ladybugs in the Wild


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