I’m a NOOB!

Another blessing of unemployment: before the holiday season was in full swing I was able to spend days on end hanging out and crafting with one of my cousins – the very talented, creative, Graphic Designing, videogame-conquering Jackie.  Not only did I get to learn about her passions for NASA, Art, cool fonts, The Muse, Paramore, reptiles, and all things Japanese — I also got to add a few new words to my vocabulary — one of them is “noob”.

As I understand it, “noob” refers to those who are new to the videogaming world (read “newbie), or who have yet to prove their gaming prowess.  As might be indicative by my posting dates, I am new to this whole blogging thing, and new to WordPress.  I have looked to the “Moxie girls” and their “IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging” (see the full title under “What She’s Reading”) for some guidance, as well as following Columbus’ method of getting lost in discovery.  By clicking this link and that, seeing what happens, restoring, updating, etc. I am setting up my binary home – bit by bit.  And it has been fun!  Admittedly, I do get impatient at times – the temptation to search for the technology that will allow me to download all the blogging knowledge I need into my brain Matrix-style is quite strong, however, I hold back and try to put my time to better use — like researching other blogs, looking through WordPress tutorials, Googling like mad, and continuing to explore.  I am confident that I will continue to enjoy the journey – and for now I am still tickled pink — truly, I am — at the sight of my site — each time I login and see my space, I feel “Zenfully” at home.

So until I find the answers I want/need – I will continue walking through each day, spontaneously composing blogs in my mind and rattling some of the following questions in my brain: how do I set up an RSS subscription link on my blog?  how can I make that widget in my footer stretch out?  what if I want my photo gallery to contain only a few select pics from the post?  how can I customize each page and change the widgets to match the content?  how can I code more flexibility into my pages for photos?  how can I change my “what she’s reading” links to images with links?  how can I link or tag one post to a previously related post?  how can I get Google or Yahoo to find my blog?  how can I add a photo gallery that will scroll select images as a widget?  how can I create a personalized Amazon page with favorite books to link to from within the blog?  what if I want to change the font color of my “unemployed. full of hope. doing what she loves.”?  how can I add one of those cute encircled WordPress W’s as a widget in my footer?  how can I upload the posts in my brain to my blog?

So many questions, so many questions.  Undoubtedly, I’m a WordPress, blogging NOOB!


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