Slip me some Skin!

My car bumper is naked, my laptop is sans stickers, the only décor on my iPod Nano is a removable silicone cover, and my cell phone has only the case with which it came — I am not, however, a Plain Jane.

I love color, swirls, paisley, flowery vines, and intricately detailed designs — just not anything in permanent form.  This is probably why I will never get a tattoo.  Not only am I not crazy about the whole ink and needle thing in my skin, but more than that, to have to choose a design that will forever be on my body (not to mention that with Father Time and Mother Nature at work that design is sure to stretch it out from its original form) is too much pressure – my design/style tastes are way too fluid!  All this being said, when I have the opportunity to temporarily (i.e. can undo, revert, replace, substitute, change) dress things up — I’m all for it.

So when I saw the words “Choose Your Persona” after my latest Firefox browser update, I was intrigued.  I clicked the link to the Persona Gallery and was treated to more than 30,000 custom-made themes to dress up my browser’s main window.  Anything from flowery vines to Animé to Disney/Pixar to sports stars to nature to the latest movie themes.  It is easy to preview most personas just by hovering over for a moment, and allowing the settings to update and temporarily display in your browser window.  I spent a good 5-10 minutes looking for one that jumped out at me aesthetically, and also provided the functionality of legible tabs (I’m not too keen on the shadow-blocked fonts), and eye-soothing color schemes.  For now I have chosen “Glitter 1”, designed by Guilherme Takahashi.  [For the Mac users out there, once you have installed a persona or theme you can easily find its name, designer, and even uninstall it by going to your Firefox preferences, choosing the “General” tab, clicking “Manage Add-Ons” and selecting “Themes”.]

Although the silicone cover on my Nano can be removed, said silicone cover is adorned with a flowery vine and butterfly, and though my laptop is sans stickers, it has a lovely removable green acrylic case, AND while my browser incredibly functional, it now has a sassy, decorative, and glittery skin!


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