Lessons from the Pavement, Part V: Got keys?.!

Watching Friends is one of my guilty pleasures.  Not only do I have a fondness for each of their characters and their various quirks, but I love the situations in which they often find themselves, and their regular “this is life” exchanges of dialogue.  I remember one episode somewhat early in the show (I may be a fan of the show, but couldn’t tell you what events happened in what season or episode) when the crew is rushing out of Monica’s apartment to see something outside or on the roof, and Monica yells, “Got keys?”, which Rachel interprets as “Got keys.”  This morning, I had a particular connection with this episode.

Since last night it’s been on my mind that today would be day 1 of week 3 on the “Active” get-yourself-ready-for-a-5k plan, which means that instead of my intervals of 1-minute intervals of running and 2-minute intervals of walking, that I’d be stepping up the pace just a bit, and running 2-minute intervals.  Now to some (or many) this may not sound like a big deal, nor a big shift in pace, but in my “I’m not a runner” mindset an additional 60 seconds is a lot!  I have been determined to get up, get ready, and continue following the plan as best I can.  I woke up with an “I can do this” attitude, got dressed for the jaunt, got everything together, and set out with a ready spirit.  The moment I pulled the front door shut behind me I knew it!  I was on one side of the locked door and my keys were on the other.  Then the question was, “do I try to break in to my apartment now or wait til I get back?”  I waited, or rather, I walked and ran.

The push for the additional running time was definitely that – a push.  My body didn’t feel as graceful, and I think I paid less attention to the passing views than I did to my legs, my every intake of oxygen, and my time — frequent glances at the stopwatch, hawk-eyeing those seconds, and waiting for the two minutes to finish.   In trying to extend my route a little (to match the increase in time) I snaked my way to a yet-undiscovered-by-me park, a few extra twists and turns, but eventually ended up on my path.  The scenic route added an additional 15 minutes to my outing, but by the time I was cooling down with a walk, I didn’t mind one bit.

Once the workout was complete and I was back home, I set to breaking into my apartment.  I had eliminated the inaccessible or “too difficult to use” entry points and narrowed down to one of two remaining options.  Fortunately, a neighbor was home, so she helped provide the tools necessary — long fingernails, and a Ralph’s Club Card.  I pried, prodded, and poked — trying to convince the Club Card to do its work, while also trying to persuade Misty (my cat) to lend a helping paw from the inside — until finally I made my way in.  Victoriously, I climbed in, put things back in place, returned tools, and applauded myself, not only for completing my workout, but for the additional feat of successfully making my way indoors — without my keys.

Lesson for next time – be prepared with the following:

  • can-do attitude
  • comfortable workout clothes
  • invigorating music mix
  • sunglasses
  • chapstick
  • and…KEYS!

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