Happy Easter!

In years past my family and I would celebrate Easter attending worship services, “opening” Easter baskets, feasting on a delicious dinner, and spending the day gathered at my parents’ house.  For the past two years, however, we have spending the holiday apart — last year while my younger brother was in Australia, and this year while he’s away at college.  As newlyweds (I’m going to claim that as long as I can) my husband and I have focused on setting our own family traditions to celebrate the special day, but to continue feeling close to my family I made Easter cards for them.

Easter cards for my family

Easter card for my parents

For my parents I layered first decorative paper, then a strip of tan cardstock on the card.  I then stamped two images of the simple flower, traced them out with the curvy swivel knife, and colored them with my beloved watercolor pencils.  I used a brad to fasten the two flowers together, and a mini pop dot to add them to the card.  I love how it came out.

For my brother and his girlfriend I focused on again using the masking technique.  I covered the cardstock with decorative paper.  On a piece of plain white cardstock I colored my tulip stamp, and pressed the image down.

An Easter card for my brother and his girlfriend

I pressed another image onto a post-it, and then cut it out with my curvy finger-swivel blade.  I used the tulip-shaped post-it to cover the tulip image, colored in the stamp again, and pressed it on the white cardstock, overlapping on the post-it. I followed these steps again to create a row of colorful spring tulips with a little added dimension.  I used the finger swivel knife to cut out the tulips, and pasted them on top of the decorative paper.  I then colored in my “Celebrate” stamp, and pressed it onto a the remaining white cardstock, and again traced it out with the finger swivel blade.  I used the mini pop dots to paste the “Celebrate” message on the decorative paper with some added dimensional texture.

An Easter card for my brother

For my younger brother’s card I took a simpler approach.  I used the same decorative paper that I did for the tulip card, and a tan piece of cardstock.  I took the tan cardstock and put it through my border punch. The punch gave the cardstock a detailed carved out look.  I glued the cardstock as an edge of trim to the decorative paper.  I then punched out a small tag from another piece of tan cardstock.  I used a mini pop dot at one end of the tag, and glued the other end, to give it an angular dimension.  Simple, and very nice.


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