Who Says Christmas Comes But Once a Year?

Yes, I know it’s April, nearly four months after Christmas, and another eight months until we celebrate again, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  In college I would chide my roommate for digging out the carols in October, but now I totally get it.

Today on my “Active” Run a 5K plan I was set to walk 30 minutes.  Admittedly, at the end of the day, just before dinner, and with daylight hours fading I can’t say that I was raring to go — even if only to walk for 30 minutes.  In an attempt to motivate myself, I threw on my workout clothes, laced up the shoes, got my Nano ready and set out.  I chose this evening to stay close in the neighborhood, and admire the beautiful homes around me.  As I was scrolling through my playlists trying to find just the right one, I came across a beloved favorite…”Unique Sounds of Christmas”.  Although the beats weren’t all fast, the rhythms slower than normal, the music sang to my soul, and again my feet were moving.  Beauty pulsed through my ears, beauty passed before my eyes — the effect filled me, heart, body, and soul.  The walk that I was dragging my feet to take, was now fast becoming the best part of my day — spring flowers radiated in their color, families dined on their patios, and dog-walkers reveled in the mountainside views.  Each step filled me with confidence, strength, exhilaration.

So, for those of you interested in infusing your adventures with a little holiday spirit, check out a Christmas iMix that I posted on iTunes the Christmas before last.  Enjoy, and may it be a merry one!


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