Not Just About the Numbers

For most of my life I have struggled with the fact that I LOVE to eat, LOVE food, and usually prefer the mellow types of activities (reading, watching movies, writing, crafting) rather than the more physically-demanding ones.  Really I should say that it’s not with these facts alone that I struggle, but more with what the result has been — an unhealthy balance that has lead to an unhealthy body.  Throughout the years I’ve tried various approaches, and though some yielded results temporarily, I never found a method that genuinely worked for me.

A little less than two years ago I started following a plan that made sense to me.  All the expected knowledge was there: more calories burned than calories taken in equals weight loss.  But more than the science, I learned about ways of making healthier choices, ways of moving more and in fun ways, and about making changes in my lifestyle that felt and feel good for me.  When I made the decision to begin following the plan, I was not motivated by wanting to see numbers change on a scale, not to see clothing tag numbers change, but rather, I was motivated by want for improved health.

Slowly and steadily I have made the changes: a substitution here, substitution there; taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator; being intentional about incorporating more physical activity in my days, eating only until satisfied.  As I have been committing to these changes in my lifestyle, those other things — the numbers, they continue changing, too.  It feels good.  I feel more in tune with my body, feel more strength, and more self confidence.  And there’s more.  When those numbers change, it feels fabulous, too.  This means feeling great in my clothes, more shopping fun, and the ultimate — increased health.  Now this is not to say that I don’t sometimes become obsessed with those numbers — wanting and willing for them to change more quickly, but then I have to remember that slow and steady wins the race.  More importantly, I remind myself that this is my journey, and it can sometimes be smooth, sometimes be rough, but most importantly, I continue, and it remains mine.

Recently Jennifer Hudson, too, joined the program — Weight Watchers — and has become their newest spokesperson.  Kudos to her!  Word on the Weight Watchers street is that Jennifer, too, is on her own journey.  Her focus has been her health, making changes in her lifestyle, and making better choices for herself and her family.  So in the ads, the focus is on her journey, on her victories, and NOT just about the numbers.  She is now “ME-powered!”


2 thoughts on “Not Just About the Numbers

  1. I have definitely been a fan, an admirer, a spectator, a supporter, a patron of this successful journey of yours. 2 Thumbs Way Up for you, Honey!

    • Your support means the world to me — your encouragement and your love give me an extra boost of confidence every day! Thank you, Querido!

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