Fun Friday Festivities for HalF of Forty Dollars!

Okay, I admit it…I was having Fun with the alliteration in my post title, but seriously, it is good Fun to have Fun without breaking the bank.  So what did we do and how did we do it (we being hubby and I)?

It recently came to my attention that in all these unemployed days of looking for jobs, applying, pursuing my loves and interests, and visiting with the fellow jobless I have not once had lunch with my husband, hard at work, day after day, winning the bread, bringing home the bacon — you get the idea.  So we set up a little lunch date for ourselves.  My husband works in downtown Los Angeles and is a huge lover of authentic street-style tacos.  I arranged to pick him up, take him to a hole-in-the-wall mercado, also known for their delicious tacos de carne asada and pollo, and find a picnic-y spot near USC for a little open-air lunch.  We bought said tacos, found a plaza across from the university and Exposition Park, bought an iced tea and ginger ale at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (i.e. needed to validate parking), and munched on the delicious chopped onions, cilantro, grilled meat, soft handmade corn tortillas, and SALSA VERDE!  To extend our meal I also brought along some cut up Cara Cara (if you haven’t had a chance to sample these citrus babies, I highly recommend that you do), navel oranges, and some applesauce.  We were satisfied!  With mouths burning and tummies content, we made our way through the streets of downtown and the 110 freeway to drop my Querido back at work.

As it was Friday night and the start of the weekend, we chose to celebrate by taking in a movie.  At home we feasted on a comfort-food-lover’s delight of sausage with onions, peppers, marinara sauce, and havarti cheese (more on that in another post), went on an evening walk, chatted with family, and made our way out for the show.  Here’s a cool fact:  the Regency Academy Cinemas in Pasadena offers six-month old or newer releases for the bargain price of $3 for evening admission and $2 for matinee (before 6 PM).  This means that for $6 we can enjoy an evening out at the movies.  And let me tell you, we did.  We took in “Sherlock Holmes” on the big screen, and even splurged for a bag of peanut M&M’s.  Although the theaters are on the smaller side, and seats are not luxuriously comfy, one can still enjoy the theatre-going experience, have the sight and sound of the big screen, and laugh, cry, or fear in the comfort of strangers.  Good times.

Fun Friday Festivities Summary:

  • open-air lunch for 2 (tacos & bevvies): $10
  • evening out at the movies for 2 (complete with candy): $9
  • Fun Friday Adventures for HalF of Forty Dollars: PRICELESS!

Here’s hoping you get out there, find your local deals, and make your own Fun Festivities For Less (and btw — please share if/when you do)!


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