Nostalgia in a Bowl — Potsticker Soup

Many favorite childhood memories include visits to a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant called “Mrs. Wong’s Kitchen”.  In addition to being a favorite dining stop for my dad, Mrs. Wong’s Kitchen also had a large, jolly Buddha statue, and in my young opinion — served the best Won Ton soup on the planet.  Even now, and especially after having taught for three years in Japan, my fondness for a good Asian soup has not diminished.

In one of my recent visits to the library I came across what is now one of my new treasures — the “I Heart Trader Joe’s Cookbook“.  It’s loaded with delicious combinations of favorite Trader Joe’s ingredients.  You’ll understand why I chose to try this first one in particular…

Bowl of potsticker soup

Potsticker Soup

In a large pot I put together vegetable broth, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, frozen chicken potstickers, frozen stir fry vegetables, and green onions.  There’s a lot of room for flavor customization — adding ginger, making it vegetarian by choosing to use vegetable potstickers, etc.  Not only is this soup incredibly easy, very tasty, but it’s loaded with vegetables…and for those counting their Weight Watcher’s points — the grand total is about six points if you have a serving with three gyoza (dumplings).



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