Seaside View: Reservations for One

The ultimate in multitasking — doing the things I normally do and love — reading, writing, listening to audio books, watching movies, even napping, and while doing all these things traveling three hundred miles.  Have I transformed into Superwoman?  No.  I just took an eight-hour trip along the Golden State on the Amtrak.  Riding the rails, one of my favorite ways to travel.

Why do I love train rides so much?  A number of reasons.  It’s smooth like a jet with recliner-like legroom and the views of an IMAX screen.  When the last-minute airfares jump around and become out of reach, the consistent and dependable prices of the train are much more appealing.  And bonus — there are many out of the ordinary glimpses to be seen:  blossoming strawberries, deer running in a field, domestic fish-farmers, parasailors skimming the currents of air, wildflowers sprinkling color along sides of roads, mischievous boys in obscure parts of town, dog-walkers, and goats roaming the hillside.

During this most current journey I also discovered that Amtrak has stepped up its offerings for the long-distance rides.  For those who want more than the reminisces of old: the clickety clack of moving along the tracks, the experience of eating in diner cars, sleeping in sleeper cars, and meeting new people through community seating, there are a number of additional offerings to enjoy.  While onboard the Coast Starlight the staff and crew members advertised such programs as movies in the Screening Car, a Rails & Trails guided presentation, announcements of upcoming and spectacular views, and on-board wine tasting.

For my journey I chose to finish my latest Book Club read, read up on some programming tips, and enjoy my brown-bag lunch with a seaside view — reservations for one.


6 thoughts on “Seaside View: Reservations for One

  1. I’m with you regarding trains; they’re awesome! just to let you know also that this day (Saturday, August 7th) has gotten slightly out of control; in a good way——that is, timewise; because of a certain website that wouldn’t let me go (by one Regina; if she does what she loves)——–I praise our far-too-wonderful-for-words Lord Jesus for continuing to heal your body, mind and spirit——–stay closer to Him than ever, okay Regina? (I definitely mean to do the same!———-and especially in His Word—–right now I’m in Romans; I’ve been saved since 1974; and started reading within days (clearly remember going to this little Christian store in Pasadena, near PCC; purchasing a Bible for the first time in my life (a beautiful forest green—King James Version—still my favorite–nothing in the world so beautiful–and still daily challenges me, which I love, and is good for me for sure! (anyhow back to Romans: really challenging still, after all these years; but SO awesome—very long and complicated sentences! Regina; I’m going to Kenya in March!!! I see that you’ve visited many Countries (I think 15?)——but for me, this will be my first time away from this Continent (have traveled around this Country by car; and brief visits to Mexico, one visit to Canada; all this was many years ago)——then over the Atlantic, a transfer in London; to wonderful Africa (my precious and awesome husband, with Jesus now for 13 years; was African-American)—–then all the way to Kenya (on the east coast)! Love you, Regina—–Anne p.s.–actually this will be my first time even setting foot outside California for years! (just to share what a really huge, huge deal this is, for me to be taking this trip——-God is Awesome!!!—I get to spend some time with a precious little child that I’m sponsoring, named Jalin (just turned 4 years old)! by the way, if you want to turn to the Compassion International website—–you’ll be so blessed and amazed, Regina—–I’ve discovered it’s the greatest “place” on earth—–it’s truly wonderful and amazing (SO unique–like every child!)—–God bless you always!–Anne

    • Wow, Anne! What a grand adventure lies ahead of you. So excited for your journey and your opportunity to spend time with Jalin – I’m sure you both with be greatly blessed. I will be praying for peace, God’s coverage over your whole (preparations from now included) trip, and a heart full of great blessings. You are so dear, Anne. Thank you so much for your love and your care.

  2. So blessed to hear back from you, and so quickly! ALL your words here bless and encourage me, Regina——and most especially your prayers—that means everything!—–and yes for the preparation as well; and yes His Wonderful Peace!—-thanks with all my heart; I cannot overemphasize what your prayers mean here!—–sleep good tonight (if you’re still up!)—-He gives His beloved sleep—Love, Anne P.S. Really love the words you chose: “God’s coverage”; that is so awesome, and that leaves nothing out—I really love that!!!

  3. The photo that you took here is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen—-Praise God!———-rec’d your blessed note (email) today——-speaking of photos, for the first time in decades I’ll be taking pictures, in Kenya!—planning to purchase one of those disposable cameras (think that’s what they’re called); per my niece’s suggestion—–Love you, Regina!—–Anne He covers and surrounds you, as with a shield! (psalms no.3) P.S. I love the wording, and picture: about enjoying your brownbag lunch, with a seaside view; reservations for one!

    • Disposable camera sounds grand — definitely don’t want to miss out on any of those amazing moments — IN KENYA! I very much look forward to seeing them — hope you’ll share them. 😉 Thanks also for your prayers, your verses of encouragement, and your love.

  4. Hi Regina—————-my love and prayers to you and Vinod, always, and strength, peace and joy; that is, HIS strength, HIS peace, HIS joy———-these trials are but for a MOMENT————our FATHER and our LORD JESUS KEEP US, FOREVERMORE———-Love to you, Regina–(my new signature): Shalom, Anne

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