Happy Day, Mom

It’s one of those days — like Father’s Day, birthdays, and Thanksgiving.  A day to slow down, reflect, and appreciate.  And I love living in a nation where we are encouraged with space in our calendars, and even space in our schedules to do just that — pause and be thankful.  Yesterday, our family did just that.

We took the day to celebrate and honor a special person in our lives — our mom (and wife).  For whatever reason (mostly we can blame it on Mom pursuing her law degree) for the past few years we have not been able to celebrate Mother’s Day on the actual calendared date.  Although it feels a little strange and disconnected not to contribute to the throngs of celebrators at various restaurants, it does actually work out to my mom’s benefit.  On the day of my brothers and I do our best to barrage our mother with “Happy Mother’s Day” phone calls, text messages, e-cards, and even sometimes actual cards sent by post or delivered on the doorstep.  Then (and usually) a week later we actual gather as a family and spend some quality time celebrating over brunch and with gifts.  This year was no exception.  We gathered for an informal café breakfast at a sprawling ranch property complete with lake, paddle boats, geese, rock waterfalls, grassy lawns, curtained cabanas, and even ping pong and pool tables.  The atmosphere was so laid-back that we felt invited to wander around the property, take in the sights, and feed the geese with Mom.

What’s even cooler about this whole Mother’s Day event is that we have the one set date to focus our love and attention on a dear individual, but there’s nothing that says we can’t do more of the same on any other day of the year that we so choose.  Lots of room on the calendar for those Mom & Daughter or Mother & Son Days.  So whether you’re a live by the calendar kind of person, or if you prefer a more willy-nilly carefree approach, make sure you take some time to love yo momma.

And in honor of the mother’s out there, I encourage you to check out this year’s Mother’s Day card contest submissions hosted by Paper Source, as well as a couple of my own.


  • K & Company design paper
  • Clear stamp – squiggly border from Hampton Art “Happy Birthday By the Package” set
  • Recollections metal brad
  • Blue cardstock from Michael’s variety pack

One thought on “Happy Day, Mom

  1. This mom absolutely loved her handmade “peekaboo” flowered card (made by her one and only daughter), Regina ! And even more the day spent with my special daughter and husband, son and girlfriend, a very laid back, relaxing day with the people I love most in my life, and in God’s beautiful country, what more could a mother ask for ???

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