When Life Gets Mean…and the Go-to’s Are Gone

Let’s face — life can be downright mean. Life doesn’t discriminate, it just doles out the ugliness to any and all of us.  Irregardless of who we are, who we were born to, what we believe in, how much money we make, what we look like, where we live, where we’re from, who we do or don’t work for — it does not matter.  At some point we may experience grieving a loved one, losing a job, losing our home, losing our health, financial insecurity,  you name it — at one time or another we will experience the “meanness” of life.

Julie @ stampedinhisimage.blogspot.com created this card to remind us that when life is tough, mean, and ugly - we can choose to seek the beauty in it - beautiful reminder

Confession: life has been particularly mean to me over the past couple of months (yes, this is why I haven’t been writing).  I won’t go into details now — maybe later — but I know that we all experience pain, loss, suffering; I know I’m not alone in this.

JensCupofCreations.blogspot.com designed this lovely and cheery card, but it carries a powerful sentiment (see inside picture)

So, what do we do about it?  How do we manage?  Prayer, exercise, relationships, crying, music, food, sleep, shopping, writing…these are only some of the billions upon billions of the go-to’s that we might use to handle our burdens.  We all know we’re incredibly, delightfully, sometimes-annoyingly different, so obviously we don’t handle life stresses in the same way either.  However, those sage advisors out there do have their few words.  When a former colleague of mine found out that I had been laid off he recommended an author and a couple of titles for me.  One of those is Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges.

Some of Transitions feels utterly obvious, but at the same time sometimes we need to slow down and remind ourselves how to crawl and how to take steps before we can walk again.  Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing some of his words of wisdom, along with some of my own personal go-to’s that I have sought (when my usual go-to’s have been unavailable to me) in this new and nested (read: when life was already mean, it got even “meaner”) time of transition.  I can only share so much of Bridges’ thoughts, I encourage you to visit your local library or bookstore for a deeper look.

"into every life a little rain must fall -- that's what makes the flowers"; Designed by jenscupofcreations.blogspot.com

I hope that by sharing in my journey, those of you out there who might also be experiencing some of life’s ugliness would be able to take heart, find comfort, and be encouraged.  After all, it is often in the most difficult of circumstances that God can shower us with the greatest blessings.

NOTE: Regarding the lovely cards you see — one of my new Go-to’s (and I’ll share more) has been visiting the blogs of lovely UnityStampCompany stampers — I was inspired and encouraged when coming across Julie’s card at http://stampedinhisimage.blogspot.com.  I encourage you to visit both.  At http://jenscupofcreations.blogspot.com I won a set of Unity stamps, and along with the goodies, Jen was kind enough to send me the adorable card “Unity Rain & Flowers” card — the beauty of her design and the encouraging words of the sentiment TOTALLY brightened my day!


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