Top 10 Cards in 2010

December 31st, New Year’s Eve — the time to reflect, to look back, to bid fond farewell, and then to look ahead and embrace the new.

2010 hasn’t been the kindest year. In fact, life has been downright mean. In response, I’ve been in survival mode, focused on seeking out the good, and thus AWOL from the blog. BUT…I’ve still been making cards, and still reading blogs — my therapy. Good medicine — eeking out creations card by card, and so gratifying to see them in one slideshow together. My cardmaking goal in 2010 was to send out only homemade cards for the various birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other celebratory occasions. Did I meet it? You betcha! For 2011 — I hope to continue in the same, but to celebrate a few more, and to increase the cardmaking (maybe 5 a week?) — still some reflecting and goal-making to do. Will let you know the final decision.

For now…in following with the tradition of reflecting over the year, I present my top 10 card creations of 2010.

Contemporary white, black, and red "welcome, baby" card

Love the colors, love the flower and tag details, and absolutely LOVED the occasion -- welcome, Lili!

zebra-patterned birthday card with a jumbo elephant

Huge fan of the zebra print, the textured green strip, and love that cutey elephant!

Card with three pairs of high-heeled shoes

Love the swirls, love the shoes, love the sassy!

Card with multiple=

Layers of lovely paper, rich textures, and a silhouetted "love" scrolled across

gray and pink layered card with image of cat shaking a present

Made for a friend of mine with a familiar kitty -- love the colors and layers

a pastel card in layers with a sentiment about creating yourself

Love at first read with the sentiment, and full of rich layers and details

A white card with three colored flowers and the message, "grow love"

For an how the flowers almost glow, love the colors, and love the message

turquoise and brown card with a raised butterfly and the message, "today I thought of you"

Even when friends are far away, thinking of them, and creating their cards keeps them close at heart; love the butterfly, love the colors, love the sentiment

a card with colorful blossoms and the sentiment, "appreciate the beauty in everything"

Using the masking technique for those beautiful blossoms, and gotta love the sentiment -- very personal for me, especially in 2010

a purple and white card with four birdies and the message, so grateful

Loved ones have been so gracious, God has been so good, and I grateful; love the soft colors, the layers, the texture, and the sentiment


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Cards in 2010

  1. Wow!!! You are one very creative lady! I absolutely love the cards! have you tried to post them on etsy for sale? I’m sure they would sell! I know I’d buy some hehe 😀

    • You are too sweet! Thanks for keeping up with me, and for the compliments. Actually started a separate Etsy store for cards, but still have some “setting up” to do. You’re definitely encouraging me, though.

  2. Wandered by to see if you’d posted anything lately. Those are some beautiful cards! I especially like the Love card. Nice work. You’re really good at coordinating colors and patterns. (You’re making me wish I had more stamps and inks and papers. And also time to be crafty.)

    • Glad you wandered by — have been posting far too much in the head and far too little on the blog. Wish you were here to make some cards together. We’re having a Valentine card-making gathering this weekend — we’ll save a space in your honor.

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